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Amy (Clarke) Myers

BE (Med)


Associate Biomechanical Engineer


Amy specialises in impact injury biomechanics and accident investigation and reconstruction. Her projects have included comprehensive reviews and analyses of injuries and injury causation in the areas of vehicle and transport safety, sporting activities, occupational hazards and forensics. Some of her recent work has involved assessing safety equipment fitted to vehicles, analysis and testing of harness racing equipment, analysing a database of motor sport accidents, analysis of safety cage structures for racing vehicles, and the design and testing of new restraint systems. Amy has a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering and is currently undertaking a masters project on designing a test methodology for mouthguard effectiveness with the Queensland University of Technology. Amy is also a trained ANCAP assessor.


Areas of Specialisation


Accident reconstruction, injury analysis, personal protective equipment testing and evaluation


Research Activities


  • Development of a methodology for testing the effectiveness of mouthguards 


Select Publications and Reports


Gibson, T., Clarke, A., Pisaniello, L., Stephan, M., Fusco, L. and Judd, R., 2011, “Evaluation of an Improved Performance Anti-Submarining Seat Belt System.” Paper Number 11-0246, Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference, Washington.


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