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Structural analysis


HIE can conduct static and dynamic structural analysis of structures using Finite Element Software. A range of structural problems can be solved including specific strength optimisation, thermal expansion, resonance attenuation, plastic collapse and multiaxial fatigue.


High-speed impacts can be modelled to determine the impact forces, deflection modes and energy absorption of structures. Accompanied with human body modelling an injury causation assessment can be made of structures including roadside barriers and furniture, racing track surfaces, playground equipment, vehicle interiors, etc.


FIA & CAMS certification


HIE is approved by the Federation Internationale De L'Automobile (FIA) and the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) for the structural verification of:


  • Safety Cages which fall outside of the dimensional requirements set out in the 2007 Homologation Regulations for Safety Cages. HIE is also approved by CAMS to numerically test harness loads and torsional stiffness of chassis, as is required in some categories.


  • Seat Brackets for use in racing cars according to Standard 8862-2009 Advanced Racing Seat. This analysis is a requirement in all international and national racing series. It applies to any manufacturer or team that wishes to replace the existing seat brackets of a seat that meets the 8862-2009 standard. 




Safety cage analysis

Safety cage analysis

Our team is experienced in structural optimisation and can numerically determine the tube diameters and thicknesses necessary to meet the load requirements. In addition, the torsional and bending rigidity of the safety cage can be optimised through tube orientation and tube thickness selection.

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