Edgar Schilter


Senior Laboratory Technician, HI-Lab Manager


Edgar runs and plays a major role in the development of new test methodologies in our HI-Lab Test Laboratory. Edgar gained experience in researching and investigating bicycle and motorcycle crashes and in testing helmets as a Research Assistant at the University of New South Wales. As a professional artist, he also plays an important design role in HIE R&D projects.


Areas of Specialisation


Design and fabrication of test apparatus, impact testing, crash investigation, helmet inspection


Research Activities


  • Investigation of bicycle and motorcycle crashes involving helmet impacts


Select Publications and Reports


McIntosh, A.S., Lai, A., & Schilter, E. (2013). Bicycle Helmets: Head Impact Dynamics in Helmeted and Unhelmeted Oblique Impact Tests. Traffic Injury Prevention, 14(5), 501-508.


Pang, T. Y., Thai, K. T., McIntosh, A. S., Grzebieta, R., Schilter, E., Dal Nevo, R., & Rechnitzer, G. (2011). Head and neck responses in oblique motorcycle helmet impacts: a novel laboratory test method. International Journal of Crashworthiness, 16(3), 297-307.


McIntosh, A.S., Pang, T.Y., Thai, K., Schilter, E., Rechnitzer, G., Finch, C.F., & McCrory, P. (2010). Crash characteristics of helmeted pedal cyclists. Paper presented at the 2010 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (Aug 31 - Sep 3), Canberra.


Thai, K.T., Pang, T.Y., McIntosh, A.S., & Schilter, E. (2009). Helmet Stability and Fit in Australian Pedal and Motor Cyclist Populations. Paper presented at the 17th World Congress on Ergonomics (Aug 9-14), Beijing (China).


Pang, T.Y., Thai, K.T. , Rankin, T., Curtis, K., Schilter, E., & McIntosh, A.S. (2009). Risk of Head, Facial and Neck Injury in Bicycle and Motorcycle Crashes in relation to Helmet Use. Paper presented at the 2009 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (Nov 11-13), Sydney.

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