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One of Australia's leading experts in impact injury biomechanics

Tom Gibson has provided expert opinion in over 500 litigation cases in Australia and internationally. Dr Gibson's expert opinion is supported by a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and a detailed process using advanced techniques in injury analysis, accident investigation, crash reconstruction, modelling and/or impact testing where required, to establish the likely injury mechanism(s).


Injury analysis

A thorough investigation of the injuries incurred requires review of materials such as ambulance records, hospital records, medical reports, imaging and radiology reports, photographs, post-mortem reports, and personal injury claims. 


Accident/incident investigation

Retrospective accident investigation often must rely on an incomplete set of information from photographs, police reports, witness statements, site inspections, vehicle/equipment inspections, vehicle repair quotes, and inspection of protective equipment such as helmets or restraint systems.


Crash reconstruction

Kinematic and kinetic motor vehicle crash simulations using ARSoftware™ WinCrash or Virtual Crash 2.2 can be performed to estimate speed changes on collision based on vehicle damage profiles, and impact and rest positions.



Finite element modelling and structural analysis is used to model failure modes and impact loads. 3-dimensional solids modelling and animation techniques can be used to reconstruct complex geometries for visual simulation of accidents/incidents and likely injury mechanisms.


Impact testing

Our Impact Test Laboratory (HI-Lab) is capable of designing unique, case-specific tests using human surrogates such as headforms, chestforms and full anthropomorphic dummies to evaluate injury mechanisms. The data acquired is then correlated with known human injury tolerance data to determine whether the mechanism is likely to be injury-producing for an individual of certain weight and stature.

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Areas of Expertise

Road accidents

Airbag deployment, noise, related injuries; Child restraints; Heavy vehicle impact; Helmet use; Low-speed rear impacts, whiplash-associated injuries; Seat belt use, related injuries; Vehicle braking, stopping distance, skid-mark analysis, speed estimates; Vehicle roadworthiness, repairs, mechanical failure; Vehicle rollover, occupant ejection, roof crush; Vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists

Fall biomechanics

Balustrade/wall/fence heights - balconies, bridges, pedestrian walkways; Fall from heights; Fall trajectory; Falls onto various surfaces; Ladder falls, mechanical failure, user error; Playground equipment; Slips, trips, floor surfaces, footwear; Stair falls


Assault vs. accidental injury; Bullet/weapon trajectory; Driver identification; Fall trajectory; Human performance; Product failure; Trauma mechanics

Occupational/workplace safety

Back, shoulder, neck injuries; Industrial accidents; Mechanical equipment failure; Safety harnesses; Seat ergonomics, suspension; Slips, trips and falls

Sports and recreational incidents

Amusement rides; Boating accidents; Cricket injuries; Football, soccer, rugby injuries; Go-karting accidents; Gym equipment safety; Horseracing falls; Motocross and downhill mountain bicycling accidents, helmet use; Personal protective equipment; Skate-boarding; Ski jumps

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