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Be a Human Impact Engineer


Human Impact Engineering welcomes expressions of interest from talented individuals keen to join our multidisciplinary team. Our engineers undertake a variety of challenging tasks on small and large-scale projects in the fields of automotive, sports and occupational safety, and forensics. Ideal candidates will have:


  • A University degree in a related discipline, e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biomedical Engineering;

  • Prior work/research experience in a relevant area; and,

  • A genuine interest in the application of engineering approaches to safety and injury mitigation.


To apply for upcoming positions at HIE please send us your current résumé. 




HIE has provided dozens of traineeships and supervision of capstone and thesis projects for engineering students from various universities in Australia. We consider each application on its merits, taking into account our abilities to provide appropriate supervision, any costs to HIE, and whether the project proposed fits in with our research interests and expertise.




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