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HI-LAB testing


Whether it’s controlled laboratory testing or field data acquisition that you require, HI-Lab can develop unique test methodologies and apparatus for strength, durability, and impact resistance testing, as well as simulation testing for injury investigations.


HI-Lab caters for a range of testing requirements in research, standards development, litigation support, and product or component evaluation.


Our laboratory is equipped to carry out:

  • pendulum impacts

  • 2-wire guided drop testing (eg. helmets and body protectors)

  • restraint testing

  • vehicle accelerations

  • sulky and sulky wheel tests




HI-Lab conducts product development tests for all manner of protective headwear; testing impact performance, restraint strength and penetrative resistance with wet, heat and cold conditioning.



Body protector (vest) approval and surveillance testing for Harness Racing Australia (HRA) is carried out at HI-Lab. We are also the only lab in Australia equipped to test and certify Sulky Wheels and Sulkies to meet the standards as set by HRA.


For testing enquiries, please email

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