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Publications, presentations and reports 



Gibson, T, 2013, “Force and Wound Interpretation.” Presented to the NSW Police Force State Crime Command, Sydney.


Whyte, T., Gibson, T., Milthorpe, B. and Stanford, G., 2013, “Injury and Effective Motorcycle Helmets.” Paper Number 13-0108, Proceedings of Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference, Seoul.


Gibson, T 2013 “Risk Management” Presented at the AHR Insurance Coordinators Conference, Melbourne.


Gibson, T, 2013 “Accidents Happen or How to Reduce Injury by Design.” Presented at Driving Science Driving the Future GP, Melbourne.




Gibson, T and Whyte T, 2012 “Injury Biomechanics and the Design of Motorcycle Helmets” Presented at Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference, Brisbane.


Gibson, T, 2012 “Further Reducing Injury in Motorcycle Crashes.” Presented at Automotive Safety Week, Malaysia




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Gibson, T: Development and Validation of a C5/C6 Motion Segment Model. PhD Thesis, University of New South Wales Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, 2006. Click here to access Dr Gibson's PhD.


Gibson, T: Chapter 2 - Vehicle factors in whiplash injury, and Chapter 3 - Biomechanics of whiplash injury. In RWG Anderson (Ed.), Whiplash associated disorders: a comprehensive review. CASR Report Series CASR016, Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide, South Australia, April 2006.


Gibson, T, Thai, K, and Lumley, M: Child Restraint in Australian Commercial Aircraft. Australian Transport Safety Bureau Aviation Safety Research Grant Report Number B2004/0241, Canberra, March 2006. Click here to access this report from the ATSB website.


Gibson, T, Thai, K and Ninic, D: Biomechanical Review of the Effectiveness of Safety Equipment used by Jockeys in Racing. HIE Report for the ARB, March 2006. 



Gibson, T, Boström, O, Kullgren, A, Milthorpe, B: The Mechanisms of Early Onset C5/C6 Soft-Tissue Neck Injury in Rear Impacts. Proceedings of the 2005 International IRCOBI Conference of the Biomechanics of Impact, Prague, Sept. 21-23, 2005. 



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Gibson, T: Biomechanics of Injury and Vehicle Crashworthiness Short Course - 6/12 Sessions. ARC, Monash University, 2002 and 2003. 


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