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Joe Karren

Completed BE (Mech/Biomed)


Associate Biomechanical Engineer


Joe joined us at the end of 2013 as an engineering intern and to undertake his undergraduate thesis under the supervision of HIE. Joe's project investigated the protective capabilities of rugby headgear. His research formed part of a collaborative project involving university and industry partners with aims to provide the Australian rugby community with improved scientific data for future policy making and revision of existing rules.


Areas of Specialisation


Accident reconstruction, injury analysis, personal protective equipment testing, evaluation and design, finite element analysis, human body modelling


Research Activities


  • Design of Effective Rugby Headgear to Prevent Concussion

  • Design of a Corrective Spinal Implant




  • Winner of the 2013 USYD Biomedical Design and Innovation Competition

  • Runner Up in the 2011 Engineers Without Borders Challenge

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